Rooftop Garden Design Services in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Barnomala Architects & Interior is one of the best Rooftop Garden design companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We offer Rooftop Garden design services with customization options. This service is dedicated to bringing nature's beauty to Dhaka's urban rooftops.

Rooftop garden design services create and maintain green spaces on rooftops, enhancing urban environments with plants and sustainable practices. Transform your rooftop, enhance your lifestyle, and contribute to a greener city with our expert services.

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Make Your Rooftop Greener with Barnomala Architects & Interior

“Make your rooftop greener & eco-friendly ”

Barnomala Architects & Interior specializes in transforming ordinary rooftops into extraordinary green spaces, enhancing the aesthetic appeal, environmental quality, and overall livability of urban areas. Our expert team of landscape architects, and designers will work closely with clients to create personalized rooftop gardens that reflect their vision and lifestyle.

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Make Green Your Rooftop with Barnomala Architects

Rooftop Garden Design Work Procedure by Barnomala Architects & Interior

By following these steps, rooftop garden design services create vibrant and sustainable green spaces that enhance the beauty and functionality of urban landscapes. Dhaka North city corporation mayor declared a 10% cut on holding tax for buildings that have gardens on rooftops. Barnomala Architects & Interior can help you to design a perfect rooftop for you. See our work procedure-

  • Consultation: The process begins with a consultation where the designer meets with the client to discuss their vision, requirements, and budget for the rooftop garden.
  • Site assessment: Next, a thorough assessment of the rooftop space is conducted to evaluate factors such as sunlight exposure, wind patterns, structural integrity, and access points.
  • Design development: Based on the client's preferences and site analysis, the designer creates a customized garden design plan that includes layout, plant selection, irrigation system, hardscape elements, and any additional features.
  • Approval and modifications: The initial design proposal is presented to the client for review and feedback. Any necessary modifications are made based on the client's input until the design meets their expectations.
  • Installation: Once the design is finalized and approved, the installation process begins. This may involve preparing the rooftop surface, installing drainage systems, planting vegetation, setting up irrigation, and adding decorative elements.
  • Maintenance: After the rooftop garden is installed, ongoing maintenance is essential to ensure its health and longevity. This may include watering, pruning, fertilizing, pest control, and seasonal upkeep to keep the garden looking its best.

Rooftop Garden Design Cost in Dhaka

The cost of rooftop garden design in Dhaka, Bangladesh, varies depending on several factors such as the size of the rooftop, the complexity of the design, the types of plants and materials used, and any additional features or amenities incorporated into the garden. Consult with our professional rooftop garden designer in Dhaka to get a customized quote based on your specific project requirements and budget.

Rooftop Garden Design Cost in Dhaka

Why choose us for your rooftop garden interior design?

At Barnomala Architects & Interior, we pride ourselves on our ability to shine in the competition. Here are some reasons why you should choose us:

Understand Your Needs

We clearly outline your requirements, including design preferences, budget constraints, and project timeline.

Experience Team

We have a proven track record and experience of completing projects.


We have government certifications and licenses. Our customers are satisfied with our previous work.

Design & Style

Our expert team will provide the best design with unique & aesthetic preferences. You can also customize your design.

24/7 Communication

We maintain clear communication & updates throughout the project. You can consult with us anytime. No fake commitment.

Affordable Pricing

Our pricing is transparent & clear. Our service is affordable with no hidden charges. We complete our project on time.


Rooftop gardens provide numerous benefits, including improved air quality, reduced urban heat island effect, added insulation for buildings, enhanced aesthetic appeal, and the creation of recreational and relaxing spaces.
The permits and approvals required for home renovations vary by location and the extent of the work being done. Common permits may include building permits, electrical permits, plumbing permits, and zoning approvals. It's essential to check with local authorities and consult with a contractor to ensure all necessary permits are obtained.
The time it takes to design a rooftop garden varies based on factors like size and complexity. Typically, it can take a few days to a couple of weeks.
Most buildings can support a rooftop garden, but a structural assessment is essential to ensure the roof can bear the added weight. We work with structural engineers to determine the feasibility and safety of each project. How many times will need to complete?
We believe that design is more than just aesthetics. It's about creating an experience that enhances the way we live and work.
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