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If you are looking for a hospital furniture design, manufacturer or supplier company you can choose Barnomala Architects & Interior without any hesitation. We are one of the leading interior design company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We started our journey in 2018 and satisfied our customers providing the best interior service in Dhaka. We have an expert team who has lots of experience designing and manufacturing.

We focus on patient comfort and safety. Barnomala Architects & Interior will help you design custom hospital furniture that has the latest features and amenities. If you give a special order we will supply it for you. Whether you're looking to renovate an existing space in your hospital or clinic we are ready to help you.

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Specialty of our hospital furniture design

We specialize in hospital furniture design services that carefully consider the diverse needs of healthcare facilities. Our designs prioritize safety, accessibility, and overall well-being to create environments that enhance the overall healthcare experience.

You can customize your furniture that perfectly fits your hospital or clinic space. Optimize the use of every space in the room. Barnomala Architects & Interior hospital furniture design is both functional and lucrative. You can customize your furniture and interior at an affordable price.

Specialty of our hospital furniture design

Hospital furniture services we provide

Barnomala Architects & Interior provides the best quality hospital furniture design at an affordable price in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide up-to-date furniture design that has the best quality and is also highly functional.

Some of the hospital furniture design that we provide-

  • ICU beds
  • Cabin beds
  • Ward Furniture
  • Hospital trolleys
  • Saline stands
  • Cabinets and lockers
  • Pharmacy store/shop furniture
  • Nurse station Service desk
  • Waiting room furniture
  • Doctors chamber/room furniture
  • Any kind of interior design
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How do we deal with projects?

Perfect interior design plays a key role in facilitating communication between medical staff and patients. Different companies have different types of approaches to their products. Some focus on new product development and other brand building. But Barnomala Architects & Interior maintains a balance between product development and branding. The strategies we follow during work:

  • Assessment of the project
  • Listen to your plan and necessity
  • Realistic modification to your plan
  • Best use of space along with design and customization
  • Cost and time management
  • Project handover within proposed timeline

Why choose Barnomala Architects & Interior?

We built sustainable products that will provide long-lasting service. Our goal is to help healthcare providers, improve patient outcomes and comfort while also increasing staff efficiency.

  • Allround service provider
  • Every solution related to interior design
  • We offer a wide range of products
  • Sustainable products with ISO certified

Whether you’re a hospital manager or clinic owner, we can provide all your needs. Contact Barnomala Architects & Interior and get your ideal medical furniture and find other products that you need at affordable prices.

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