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Generally, Interior design expresses beauty, makes the place lucrative, and turns the place comfortable. But in terms of the Scientific Laboratory design not only focuses on beauty and comfort but also focuses on safety, security, and functionality. Now we are living in an era of innovation, which is why research is a crucial matter in a perfect Scientific Laboratory.

To maximize your lab facilities with functional and dynamic laboratory interior design, Barnomala Architects & Interior is the best way out for you because we are Dhaka, Bangladesh's leading interior design service provider.

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Key Consideration for Scientific Laboratory Design

As architects or interior designers of a functional scientific laboratory, must consider the major factors. Here we mentioned the key factors:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Space planning
  • Ventilation and Air quality
  • Safety measures
  • Utilities and Infrastructure
  • Waste management
  • Laboratory furniture and Fixtures
  • Emergency response
  • Security measures
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Local climate considerations
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Laboratory design process of Barnomala Architects & Interior

Barnomala Architects & Interior is the leading design company near locations all over Dhaka, Bangladesh. Here we outline our design process for the scientific laboratory:

  • Client needs assessment
  • Conceptualization and Planning
  • Safety integration
  • Technology integration
  • Aesthetic considerations
  • Prototyping and Testing
  • Client collaboration and Feedback
  • Final design presentation
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Barnomala  Laboratory design process

Why choose Barnomala Architects & Interior?

Barnomala Architects & Interior offers a unique blend of expertise, client-centricity, innovation, and a commitment to safety and sustainability, making it a compelling choice for those seeking exceptional scientific laboratory interior design services. Here are our main points to choose us:

  • Expertise in Scientific Laboratory Design
  • Client-Centric Approach
  • Innovation and Technological Integration
  • Safety as a Priority
  • Functional Designs
  • Customization for Diverse Research Needs
  • Sustainability and Green Design Practices
  • Comprehensive Design Process
  • Commitment to Excellence
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