About Md.Raisuddin:

Md. Raisuddin is a distinguished, ingenious self-achieved Entrepreneur & Businessman. Barnomala’s sustainability efforts, over the years, were given outstanding shapes through his unique business concepts and visionary leadership skills. The road had been quite challenging and the tasks forbidding, but Md. Raisuddin made it possible only through his commitment, dedication, acumen and self-confidence.

After completing Secondary and Higher Secondary Education with glorious result, Md. Raisuddin got the opportunity to study at one of the most prestigious institutions in Dhaka which is popularly known as Oxford of East and then completed his graduation and post-graduation from the University of Dhaka. After that he has taken the most important Degree ‘Master of Philosophy’ (M. Phil) and he has also been completed a professional MBA Degree in The University of Dhaka.

Md. Raisuddin revolutionized the scenario of contribution of private sector in the infrastructure development sector of Bangladesh and inspired a number of budding entrepreneurs to follow the suit.

Career as a Businessman

Mr. Raisuddin is a young, dynamic and most promising business personality of the country who is now making a tremendous contribution in The Economy of Bangladesh.

He has come from a business family so that he is in touch of corporate sector as well as business market from his childhood. Though he is so young in age, he has made his career as a businessman at the early age of his life. After completing his post-graduation and MBA from Dhaka University, he started his business career fully. Now he is Director of Barnomala Homes Limited, Faridpur; Deputy Managing Director of Outstanding Group, Dhaka; Director Spring Hill Hospital , Faridpur. On the Other Hand, He is successfully running a business of interior firm House Barnomala Architects & Interior in Dhaka. In a few days, He has made a group of company ‘Barnomala Group’ which is consist of Barnomala Architects And Interior, Barnomala construction & engineering, Barnomala Trade, Barnomala Media & Communication, and World Bridge International. His intellectual power and organized plans help the team of Barnomala to achieve the goal in short time. He has a very humble beginning but through sheer hard work, dedication and commitment made it to the way of top.

Mr. Raisuddin has currently been selected as a member of Faridpur Chamber Of Commerce and Dhaka Chamber Of Commerce also Bangladesh Furniture Industries Owners Association.

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Chairman & Founder
Barnomala Architects & Interior

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January 19, 2023

Client Name: Mr. Kobir Hossain Project Type: Home Interior Location: Malibag, Dhaka Area: 1950+ sft

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